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Routes.Andorre ed.IX 2017

Now we are working building maps and ideas for Andorre 2017 with 3 main itineraries
(near 200 km for July 12 to 15) and brief itinerary for closing event on Sunday 16.

Main day for the event will be at Saturday 15 when we will have all participants arrived from near 10 nations sharing one all-day-road sceneries experience and enjoying also our traditional dinner-of-gives with presentation of all members of our staff (from formers and actual ACIM editions) and gadgets for all participants as well as prizes for every main role to the event.

First arriving will be from July 11  (afternoon) when first event coordinators and participants will meet at first step of meeting.

Every participant will receive contact details about hotels selected for booking from February 1st. (and after being included on pre.registered participants list). With this information you could contact your selected hotel to confirm your presence and arranging payment details for the time you will be on the place. Usually is convenient to complete this phase of booking as soon as possible in order to have the larger quantity of all of our participants on one main reservation.

Local itineraries in program include riding on panoramic areas, visiting local power energy plant (largest solar energy concentrator) as well as visiting Naturlandia (adventure park) and, last but not lost.., being part of main invitation from José (our local coordinator) to enjoy the flavour of BIGGEST consumer croissants that will be enjoyed also to share nice gourmet-breakfast experience ;-) :-P

These are only a brief of the programmed activities and we are working hard to add more shared moments with same style than our eight anual editions for Aprilia Caponord International Meeting.

Dates to take on mind:
*** Pre.registration: NOW open and upto April 1st ***
*** Registration before June 1st ***
(sending confirmation of booking with hotel and dates detail)
*** Gadgets confirmation June 15 ***
(sending payment to reservate with details for stickers, T.Shirts and Local Gadget)

for every step of these details, please send email to: apriliacaponordim @ gmail . com

Further Details
1) The event has no organisation cost (is free)
2) Is possible to participate with every kind of motorcycle
3) Take on mind to make regular maintenance and to be ok with European and National driving rules
4) No formal technical support is part of the organization so please make all service and maintenance required from your motorbike before starting trip
5) Only added cost will be the reservation for gadgets (Local gadgets + T.Shirt + Stickers) that will be cost no more than 25 €uros all inclusive (exact cost depends on quantity of confirmations and exact models to be delivered)
6) All itineraries will be part of state roads and on open traffic conditions so every participant accept to ride under sharing-group conditions and a safe way for itself and rest of friends being part to the event

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